Writing Portfolio

Press Release: Habitat For Humanity

I ideated and wrote a pseudoevent press release to promote Habitat for Humanity’s record-breaking number of homes repaired in 2018, which prompted a $50 thousand grant awarded to the Home Repair Initiative. This message seeks to motivate audiences to be inspired to volunteer and/or donate.


PR Situation Analysis and Campaign Plan: Habitat For Humanity

I crafted a public relations situation analysis and campaign plan for Benton Habitat for Humanity to recruit more volunteers. In this plan, I identified retired community members as an untapped, yet motivated target audience for volunteer recruitment. I specified the situation analysis, goals, objectives, strategies, tactics and potential evaluation. To inform this work, I analyzed the effects of media on audiences and how specific media theories play a role in creating persuasive content for organizations via public relations strategy.


Research & Persuasion: How College Administrators Should Handle Sexual Assault

I researched and analyzed more than 50 reputable sources and scholarly works on my topic of choice: sexual assault on college campuses. I wrote more than 100 pages of an annotated bibliography and then formed an argumentative essay based on the following research question: How should college administrators handle sexual assault reports on campus? I practiced writing formal, informed, persuasive content that adheres to strict grammar, writing standards and AP Stylebook standards.


More written examples and campaign experiences available upon request.