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Photo & Audio Story: Forensics and Fortitude

A story about Diana Vazquez Duque’s journey and accomplishments in forensics.

Diana is an influential member on the Linfield Forensics team. She is a shining example of Linfield’s salient efforts to increase student diversity on campus by recruiting students from immigrant families. In addition to her contributions to the Forensics team, Diana also serves as a Resident Advisor. There she serves as a student leader that promotes diversity and inclusion to develop of a sense of community among residents.

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Video Storytelling

Join me on my study abroad adventure in the Amazon!

Infographic Analysis

A Look at Women in the World of Tech: We’ve still got a ways to go” is an infographic from Entrepreneur Magazine that explores why women’s voices are not present in the growing technology industry.

This infographic contains data visualization graphics in a narrative structure because it presents statistical data in visual form and also narrates the problem of gender inequality and progress of bringing more women into the tech work world. It begins with information about how many job opportunities and unfilled positions there are in tech. This demonstrates the surplus of job opportunities in this job market. However, women still face challenges entering this industry. The infographic’s data demonstrates that women make up half of the nation’s workforce, but less than 20 percent of positions in tech. To explain this shocking statistic, the infographic provides some explanation for what has held women back, which includes gender inequality in STEM fields. Next, the infographic outlines successful tech companies that are closing the gap in gender inequality by offering equal wages and focusing on women workers retention. Finally, the infographic shares female role models and their achievements in the tech industry. The women featured include Facebook’s chief operating officer, Sheryl Sandberg, Yahoo’s chief executive officer, Marissa Mayer and the CEO of YouTube, Susan Wojcicki.

The long infographic is started by a brief introduction of the problem: women are discouraged from working in the tech industry. This audience is professionals interested in the tech industry. This was made not only to encourage women to take a bigger role in STEM fields and in the tech world but also to show men in the tech industry that they are capable tech workers and invaluable leaders. This infographic is effective at laying a clear outline of data and examples of the problem, the cause of this inequality and the effects of inviting women to participate more in the tech industry. This is an effective method of storytelling because it takes a chronological look at the issue and climaxes with women-centric companies that are wildly successful.

This powerful infographic is well used as a stand-alone piece because has a clear storyline and message. The bar graphs, vibrant color and visually appealing artwork keep this infographic engaging. While I am overall very pleased with this work, I would change the successful women featured at the end (or at least add to it). In addition to being a well-known public figure (so, not new information for me) these three women are all Ivy League graduates. While all women face inequality, especially in the tech world, these women still come from backgrounds of privilege. Thus, a role model that is more relatable might prove to be a more encouraging role model.

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