Multimedia Portfolio

Infographic: HR’s Digital Transformation

I crafted this infographic to outline the Columbia Sportswear’s HR digital transformation and explain automation vs. digitization to 80+ international professionals at a corporate digital summit. 



Photo & Audio: Forensics & Fortitude

I organized, created an edited audio story about Diana Vazquez Duque’s journey and accomplishments in forensics. She is a shining example of Linfield’s salient efforts to increase student diversity on campus by recruiting students from immigrant families. At Linfield she is an RA and natural student leader that promotes diversity and inclusion to develop a sense of community among residents.

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Logo: KSLC Radio 

KSLC 90.3 official logo composed for HD Radio receiver displays in vehicles, merchandise and online.


Video Storytelling: The Amazon

As the selected leader of my Ecuador study abroad group, I was given the opportunity to share my story with pre-study abroad groups. Here is a snippet of my adventure in Ecuador’s Amazon forest!