Senior Project

This project is for Senior Capstone (JAMS 489). I crafted brochures, emails, a promotional video, posters and social media posts as visual-heavy strategic communication tools. These materials are used to promote Linfield College Career Development’s Catalist, a Student Talent Network, in its inaugural year. More specifically, this content is targeted at three different audiences: students, faculty (to refer students to become Catalisters), and alumni/parents/college departments/ community organizations (to hire Catalisters). Through this assignment, I understood the structures and functions of mediated communication and creating persuasive content via design work and public relations strategy.

Audience Outreach



Catalist Brochures (5 Versions)

Meet Adrian Inside
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Single-Page Catalist Handout

Attached message: Need an extra hand for some skilled work? Provide a Linfield student the opportunity to help your organization grow! Check out the attached graphic and go to for more information.



Video To Recruit Organizational Report



Email Outreach



Additional Social Media

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PowerPoint Class Presentation 



BONUS Catalist Material From PR Writing!


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